5 Tips to Make Eyeglasses Last  

Your eyeglasses are a big investment, and it makes sense to keep them in great shape for as long as possible. While you will likely need to replace your eyeglasses at some point to keep up to date with your vision prescription needs, you should still strive to take care of both the lenses and the frames. Here are some helpful tips from your optometrist in Haslet, TX.

1. Handle Gently

When it comes to handling your eyeglasses, take the gentle approach. Make sure your hands are clean when you handle them, and hold eyeglasses by the frames rather than the lenses. Handling gently in this fashion will help to minimize both smudges and scratches.

2. Use Your Eyeglass Case

When you purchase your eyeglasses, an eyeglass case comes with them, and you may also buy a more stylish version to suit your personality. However, the eyeglass case can’t do its job if it sits empty. Whenever your eyeglasses aren’t being worn, they should be in their protective case. If the case falls, the eyeglasses will be protected. But if eyeglasses are just sitting around out in the open, almost anything can happen to them.

3. Bring Eyeglasses in For Adjustment

Eyeglasses can become loose or bent. Every now and again, bring your eyeglasses in to your optometrist’s office for a quick adjustment. Any looseness will be addressed, and the eye doctor can make sure the eyeglasses are still sitting properly on your face.

  1. Skip Harsh Substances

At home, cleanse eyeglasses using only water and a soft, absorbent cloth, preferably lint-free. Don’t use paper towels or tissue to dry lenses, as these contain tiny fibers that are too rough for delicate eyeglass lenses.

5. Keep Away From Direct Sunlight

Whatever your frames are made of, they won’t do well in direct sunlight. Avoid setting eyeglasses on windowsills or car dashboards, in particular.

Are you ready for a fresh pair of eyeglasses in Haslet, TX? Come on in and see all the different brands and styles we carry. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Are Plastic Frame Glasses Right For You?

Glasses come in many different types, rimless, wire-rimmed and plastic. Plastic frame glasses in Haslet, TX are very popular, for good reason! If you’re considering getting glasses to fix a vision problem, you may be considering plastic frame glasses as well. Knowing the benefits of plastic glasses as well as the downsides can help you determine whether these glasses types are right for you.

How are Plastic Frames Different from Wire Frames?

Compared to wire rimmed glasses, plastic framed glasses typically weigh more. They’re chunkier and have bolder rims that are easier to see. Colors in plastic framed glasses can be very vibrant, conveying a lot of personality. Wire rimmed glasses tend to be understated and more conservative in their appearance, and their colors tend to be more muted.

What are the Pros and Cons of Plastic Frame Glasses?


  • Available in a range of bold, vibrant colors
  • Very popular, which means that many options are available
  • Noticeable for people who like to have their glasses be seen easily


  • Plastic frames are not very bendable and can break easily when placed under pressure
  • Plastic frames tend to be heavier, which can be uncomfortable until you get used to them

How Can You Tell If Plastic Frames Are Right for You?

The best way to determine whether plastic frames are the right type of eye wear for you is to visit the eye doctor in Haslet, TX. At Joy Family Eye Care, we have a range of glasses for you to try in our showroom.

After getting an eye exam to determine what your prescription is, you can visit our showroom and see the many options available. Trying on many types of glasses will help you determine whether plastic frames, wire rimmed or rimless glasses are the best option for your needs.

4 Reasons to Get New Glasses in the New Year

It’s a new year, so it’s time for new glasses! In this blog, we’ll go over several reasons you should see the eye doctor in Haslet, TX, to get new glasses in 2023.

1. Your prescription may have changed.

Vision can change with time, which means that your corrective lenses need to change as well. If your prescription has changed, getting new glasses will help ensure that you’ll have clear vision in 2023. To find out if your prescription has changed, see your eye doctor for an eye exam.

2. You can make your current pair your spare pair.

Once you have a new pair of glasses, you can retire your current pair, and use them as spares. It’s important to have spare glasses. In the event that you lose your glasses, your spares will become critical for getting work done until you’re able to replace the pair that’s lost.

3. You can wear glasses in the latest styles.

Styles change over time. Getting new glasses gives you an opportunity to keep up with the trends. Replace those old frames with brand-new frames that reflect the latest fashions!

4. You’ll have more glasses options when matching outfits.

Do you like to match your glasses to your outfit? When you’ve got multiple pairs of glasses, you’ll have an opportunity to match your glasses to the outfit you’re wearing. This will help ensure that you’ll always look sharp in 2023.

Do you need new glasses in Haslet, TX? Work with the professionals. Contact Joy Family Eye Care to make an appointment. We’ll help you kick off the process with an eye exam to update your corrective lens prescription.

Plastic Glasses or Wire-Rim? What to Know

Are you getting glasses in Haslet TX soon? If so, you’ll be faced with a choice – plastic, or wire-rimmed glasses? The decision you make is important because it will affect the way you look as well as your personal happiness! It’s important to find the right frames for your face. Here’s what you need to know when making an important decision like this.

Plastic Glasses Pros and Cons

Plastic glasses come in many colors. Some of them are even multi-color, so they’re great for expressing your vibrant personality! Plastic glasses make a bolder statement than wire-rimmed glasses because they tend to be thicker and bulkier than wire rims. If you’re hoping to make a bold statement about who you are, plastic glasses are a great resource for you. Here are some other considerations:

  • Plastic glasses tend to be heavier than wire rim glasses, so if you’re used to wearing wire rim, plan for an adjustment.
  • Plastic glasses don’t come with any nose pads to replace, so if you hate replacing the nose pads on wire rim glasses, then you’ll love plastic glasses.

Wire Rim Glasses Pros and Cons

Wire rim glasses are characterized by their thin wire that surrounds the lenses. The color of your wire rim glasses will be much harder to discern compared to plastic glasses, which means that wire rim glasses can be much more subtle.

  • Compared to plastic glasses, wire rim glasses are lightweight. They hardly feel like they’re on your face at all!
  • Plastic glasses need their nose pads replaced on a regular basis, which will necessitate regular trips to the eye doctor.

Making a Decision

Not sure which type of glasses are right for you? Visit your eye doctor in Haslet, TX to try out glasses in the showroom!