Could Your Dry Eyes Be Caused By Allergens?

Are you tired of dealing with dry eyes? You are definitely part of a growing crowd. More people visit the eye doctor for issues with dry eyes than any other optometric condition. Dry eye treatment in Haslet, TX is available to help you achieve relief. However, part of your treatment will rely on pinning down the cause of your symptoms, which can sometimes be a bit of a challenge.

Allergens in your environment could be to blame if you have dry, irritated eyes. Take a look at a few things to know if you suspect this may be the case for you.

Allergens Come in Many Forms

There are many different allergens that can contribute to dry eye problems. A few common contenders are pet dander and plant pollen. However, you may also experience allergy-related dry eyes after exposure to:

  • Certain fragrance additives in cosmetics
  • Certain chemicals in your household cleaning products
  • Certain ingredients in your food

Dry Eye Caused By Allergies Can Come and Go

One telltale indicator that your dry eyes are caused by allergies is if the problem tends to wax and wane. Allergen exposure is not always the same because humans are not usually in the same environment at all hours of the day or through every season. For example, you may have more issues with dry eyes when you spend more time indoors with your pets or during the spring when pollen levels are higher.

Allergy-Related Dry Eye Treatment Can Be Effective

The most logical way to deter symptoms of dry eyes if allergies are suspected is to remove the allergen from an individual’s environment as much as possible. However, even if you cannot steer clear of allergens at all times, there can be treatment options that can help. For example, some medicated eye drops are designed to combat symptoms caused by allergens.

Talk to an Optometrist in Haslet, TX About Dry Eye Treatment

Whether you suspect your dry eye issues are related to allergies or something else, it is important to talk to a Haslet eye doctor about your symptoms. Reach out to the team at Joy Family Eye Care to schedule an appointment.

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