Plastic Glasses or Wire-Rim? What to Know

Are you getting glasses in Haslet TX soon? If so, you’ll be faced with a choice – plastic, or wire-rimmed glasses? The decision you make is important because it will affect the way you look as well as your personal happiness! It’s important to find the right frames for your face. Here’s what you need to know when making an important decision like this.

Plastic Glasses Pros and Cons

Plastic glasses come in many colors. Some of them are even multi-color, so they’re great for expressing your vibrant personality! Plastic glasses make a bolder statement than wire-rimmed glasses because they tend to be thicker and bulkier than wire rims. If you’re hoping to make a bold statement about who you are, plastic glasses are a great resource for you. Here are some other considerations:

  • Plastic glasses tend to be heavier than wire rim glasses, so if you’re used to wearing wire rim, plan for an adjustment.
  • Plastic glasses don’t come with any nose pads to replace, so if you hate replacing the nose pads on wire rim glasses, then you’ll love plastic glasses.

Wire Rim Glasses Pros and Cons

Wire rim glasses are characterized by their thin wire that surrounds the lenses. The color of your wire rim glasses will be much harder to discern compared to plastic glasses, which means that wire rim glasses can be much more subtle.

  • Compared to plastic glasses, wire rim glasses are lightweight. They hardly feel like they’re on your face at all!
  • Plastic glasses need their nose pads replaced on a regular basis, which will necessitate regular trips to the eye doctor.

Making a Decision

Not sure which type of glasses are right for you? Visit your eye doctor in Haslet, TX to try out glasses in the showroom!

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