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The Importance of Early Detection and Intervention for Binocular Vision Dysfunction

Binocular Vision Dysfunction, or BVD, is a condition where the two eyes are unable to align properly, leading to a range of symptoms including headaches, dizziness, and difficulty reading.

Common Causes of Eye Emergencies and How to Avoid Them

The eyes are one of our most vital and delicate organs, responsible for our vision and perception of the world. However, accidents and unforeseen circumstances can lead to eye emergencies, which require immediate attention to prevent further damage.

Lifestyle Changes to Manage Dry Eye

Dry eye is a common and often chronic condition that happens when your tear glands don't produce enough tears to lubricate your eyes. This condition can cause discomfort and lead to complications if not treated properly.

5 Tips to Make Eyeglasses Last

Your eyeglasses are a big investment, and it makes sense to keep them in great shape for as long as possible. While you will likely need to replace your eyeglasses at some point to keep up to date with your vision prescription needs, you should still strive to take care of both the lenses and the frames.

Are Plastic Frame Glasses Right For You?

Glasses come in many different types, rimless, wire-rimmed and plastic. Plastic frame glasses in Haslet, TX are very popular, for good reason! If you’re considering getting glasses to fix a vision problem, you may be considering plastic frame glasses as well. Knowing the benefits of plastic glasses as well as the downsides can help you determine whether these glasses types are right for you.

Could Your Dry Eyes Be Caused By Allergens?

Are you tired of dealing with dry eyes? You are definitely part of a growing crowd. More people visit the eye doctor for issues with dry eyes than any other optometric condition. Dry eye treatment in Haslet, TX is available to help you achieve relief. However, part of your treatment will rely on pinning down the cause of your symptoms, which can sometimes be a bit of a challenge.

4 Reasons to Get New Glasses in the New Year

It’s a new year, so it’s time for new glasses! In this blog, we’ll go over several reasons you should see the eye doctor in Haslet, TX, to get new glasses in 2023.

3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Vision Insurance

Vision insurance is your ticket to getting good eye care for a low cost, but do you know how to get the most out of your vision insurance? Before seeing your eye doctor in Haslet, TX, read the following tips to ensure that you’re getting the maximum benefit possible.

Introducing Neurolens: An Innovative Solution to Eye Strain

If you or your child have a minor misalignment of the eyes, it isn’t always possible for Dr. Joy Bate or Dr. Brandon Lee to detect the misalignment in a typical eye exam. The untreated misalignment can cause symptoms like dry eyes, headache, neck pain, dizziness, motion sickness, light sensitivity, and fatigue at the end of the day.

How Old Do You Need to Be to Wear Contacts?

Kids who need corrective eyewear may react differently to the problem. Some may be perfectly fine wearing eyeglasses, preferring to skip the responsibility of contact lenses in Haslet, TX, altogether.