Could Your Dry Eyes Be Caused By Allergens?

Are you tired of dealing with dry eyes? You are definitely part of a growing crowd. More people visit the eye doctor for issues with dry eyes than any other optometric condition. Dry eye treatment in Haslet, TX is available to help you achieve relief. However, part of your treatment will rely on pinning down the cause of your symptoms, which can sometimes be a bit of a challenge.

Allergens in your environment could be to blame if you have dry, irritated eyes. Take a look at a few things to know if you suspect this may be the case for you.

Allergens Come in Many Forms

There are many different allergens that can contribute to dry eye problems. A few common contenders are pet dander and plant pollen. However, you may also experience allergy-related dry eyes after exposure to:

  • Certain fragrance additives in cosmetics
  • Certain chemicals in your household cleaning products
  • Certain ingredients in your food

Dry Eye Caused By Allergies Can Come and Go

One telltale indicator that your dry eyes are caused by allergies is if the problem tends to wax and wane. Allergen exposure is not always the same because humans are not usually in the same environment at all hours of the day or through every season. For example, you may have more issues with dry eyes when you spend more time indoors with your pets or during the spring when pollen levels are higher.

Allergy-Related Dry Eye Treatment Can Be Effective

The most logical way to deter symptoms of dry eyes if allergies are suspected is to remove the allergen from an individual’s environment as much as possible. However, even if you cannot steer clear of allergens at all times, there can be treatment options that can help. For example, some medicated eye drops are designed to combat symptoms caused by allergens.

Talk to an Optometrist in Haslet, TX About Dry Eye Treatment

Whether you suspect your dry eye issues are related to allergies or something else, it is important to talk to a Haslet eye doctor about your symptoms. Reach out to the team at Joy Family Eye Care to schedule an appointment.

You Don’t Have to Live with Dry Eyes  

Your eyes continually create tears that provide lubrication and keep them healthy under normal conditions. However, aging, certain medical conditions, the effects of medications, lack of nerve sensitivity, and lifestyle habits like heavy computer usage can cause your eyes to become dry and uncomfortable. Dry eyes occur when your tear ducts do not produce enough tears or produce poor quality tears.

Common Symptom Dry Eyes

You may experience decreased tear production leading to dryness in one or both eyes. Typical symptoms of this condition include:

  • Blurred vision
  • Burning, scratchy, or stinging sensation
  • Cannot wear contact lenses comfortably
  • Difficulty driving at night
  • Eye fatigue
  • Light sensitivity
  • Mucus formation around the eyelids
  • Redness
  • Watery eyes

If you recognize one or more of these symptoms, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with Joy Family Eye Care for dry eye treatment in Haslet, TX as soon as possible.

Risk Factors

People with allergies or a hormonal imbalance have a greater risk of developing dry eyes because of these conditions. Other potential risk factors include:

  • Female gender
  • Age over 50
  • Recent refractive surgery
  • Long-time use of contact lenses
  • Inadequate amounts of vitamin A in the diet

Dry Eye Treatment Options

The first thing our optometrists do when you come in for an appointment is investigate the cause of your dry eyes to determine the best treatment approach. For example, switching to a pair of glasses made specifically for computer use can help to reduce strain and dryness if you spend your entire workday using a computer. Prescription eye drops are another solution to this common problem.

You can feel confident that the optometrist you see at Joy Family Eye Care will take the time to find the ideal solution so your eyes feel comfortable once again. Please contact us with additional questions or to schedule an appointment today.


3 Reasons You Suffer from Dry Eyes in Winter

Got dry eye problems? You are definitely not the only one. Problems with dry, irritated eyes is one of the most common optometric problems. Even worse, when the temperatures turn colder, more people have to visit an eye doctor for dry eye treatment in Haslet, TX to find relief. If you struggle with dry eyes and have worse problems in the winter, there are three things that could be to blame.

1. Lower humidity levels

Low humidity levels in the winter season are a common culprit behind issues with dry eyes. Whether you are spending time outdoors in the frigid air or indoors with a typical indoor heating system, this means the humidity levels are low and it can affect your eyes.

2. More time spent indoors with allergens

If you are like a lot of people, the winter season means you spend more time indoors where it is warm and comfortable. Just spending more time indoors can mean you could be more at risk for dry eyes, especially if allergens in your home are contributing to the problem. Some of the indoor allergens that may lead to bigger issues with redness, itching, and changes in tear production include:

  • Pet dander
  • Dust
  • Mildew or mold
  • Household chemicals

3. Colder temperatures

In some cases, the heightened issues with dry, itchy, uncomfortable eyes in winter can simply be related to the dip in temperatures. When your eyes are exposed to colder temperatures, the tears that normally keep them moistened evaporate faster than usual.

Find Relief with a Haslet, TX Eye Doctor

While dry eyes in winter are common, there is no reason to have to struggle when there are so many solutions available from a Haslet, TX eye doctor that could help. Reach out to us at Joy Family Eye Care to schedule an appointment today.