3 Tricks for Getting Your Child Through an Eye Exam

Taking your child to any kind of doctor can be a difficult experience for all involved. Sometimes, the fighting at their end may even be enough for you to skip appointments altogether. Before you resort to that, we’ll look at how you can make it more pleasant, even if they need to sit still for longer than they’d like.

1. Make It a Game

Your child may not want to cooperate with the doctor, but they might feel differently if there was a challenge involved. Tell them that while they’re in the chair, they’re a statue. It’s only when you call a timeout that they can take a break. The right pediatric eye doctor in Haslet, TX will be happy to play along

2. Try Role Playing Beforehand

Sometimes an exam is tough for kids by virtue of the fact that they have no idea what to expect. If you role play beforehand, they’ll at least know what’s on deck. Use a spoon to have them cover up an eye and maybe use their favorite books or toys to make it a little more fun.

3. Choose an Experienced Family Optometrist

If you’re looking for an eye exam in Haslet, TX for your child, picking the right optometrist can make all the difference. At Joy Family Eye Care, our staff is here to smooth out any fears or frustrations for even the most rambunctious of kids.

Pediatric eye care might not seem very important to your little one, but this is a great way to catch any issues long before they have the chance to blossom into anything larger. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions about how preventative care can help your whole family.

Should I Take My Little One to See the Eye Doctor? How to Know When

Babies need to see the eye doctor, just like other people! If you’re a new parent with a little one at home, it’s important to ensure that your child is getting the eye services they need to maintain good vision and healthy eyes. Knowing when to bring your child to see the eye doctor in Haslet, TX is important!

First Appointment Before One Year of Age

Your child’s first eye appointment should happen before they turn one year old. Pediatric eye appointments with babies are relatively short and sweet. Your child’s eye doctor will look for evidence of eye diseases, will check to ensure that your child’s eyes can be focused, and will check to ensure that the eyes are straight.

This doesn’t take very long. When it’s over, your child’s eye doctor will either make recommendations for next steps, or give your child’s eyes a clean bill of health!

Come In for Appointments Every Year Before School Starts

Once your child has come in for their initial pediatric eye appointment in Haslet, TX, it’s important to take your child back to the eye doctor every year before they start school. Your child will need proper vision to succeed in school, so this is very important. Make the back to school eye appointment a regular habit!

Watch for Symptoms, Bring In As Needed

As your child ages, you may start to notice symptoms that they’re having a problem. Do they sit too close to the television? Do they squint at objects that are far away? Do they complain about headaches? These are all signs that your child is having trouble. If your child is having a problem, make an appointment with Joy Family Eye Care.