How Old Do You Need to Be to Wear Contacts?  

Kids who need corrective eyewear may react differently to the problem. Some may be perfectly fine wearing eyeglasses, preferring to skip the responsibility of contact lenses in Haslet, TX, altogether. However, others may prefer to go a different route. Whether it’s because none of their friends wear glasses or just because it’s easier to play sports without having to worry about frames on your face, they may insist on contact lenses. It prompts the question: how old should a child be before they get contact lenses?

No Set Rules

The question is not so much of a health issue as a responsibility issue. Some 8-year olds may be perfectly fine getting contact lenses, while some teenagers may not be ready to handle all the steps necessary to carefully clean and store their contact lenses when they’re not wearing them. The general rule, though, is to wait until the child is at least age 12 before recommending their contacts.

Better Lens Care

Contact lenses are designed to be worn for the whole day, meaning that a kid can go up to 16 hours wearing them. However, everyone’s tolerance for contact lenses will vary. The types of lenses, the quality of care, and the individual’s biochemistry can all affect how lenses are worn. To care for contact lenses, hands must be washed, lenses must be rinsed, and the proper products must be used.

Eye Doctors in Haslet, TX

A family eye doctor in Haslet, TX can tell you and your child more about the best eyewear for them. If your child is ready for contact lenses, the doctor will instruct them how to clean and care for them to reduce the odds of adverse effects. At Joy Family Eye Care, we’re here to help.


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