Introducing Neurolens: An Innovative Solution to Eye Strain

If you or your child have a minor misalignment of the eyes, it isn’t always possible for Dr. Joy Bate or Dr. Brandon Lee to detect the misalignment in a typical eye exam. The untreated misalignment can cause symptoms like dry eyes, headache, neck pain, dizziness, motion sickness, light sensitivity, and fatigue at the end of the day.

Joy Family Eye Care Introduces a New Solution for Minor Eye Misalignment

These issues are frustrating to deal with on a daily basis, but Neurolens in Haslet, TX can have you feeling better in no time. The first step is to schedule an appointment with our optometry practice to discuss your symptoms. We will ask you questions about the severity of your symptoms and other methods you have tried for treating them, such as Botox, chiropractic care, or non-prescription pain relievers.

After learning more about your symptoms and how you manage them, the next step is to diagnose you with minor eye misalignment. Our laboratory then creates a specialty pair of glasses for you containing a contoured prism. Prisms bend light before it reaches your eyes, fusing it together to create a clear image. Once your eyes begin taking in clear images regularly, your symptoms should start to diminish.

People can be born with minor misalignment of the eyes or acquire the problem due to an injury to the head or eyes. They often don’t realize the cause of their symptoms in either case and can feel frustrated when a new pair of regular glasses fails to provide symptom relief.

Schedule an Appointment Today if You Recognize Any of These Symptoms

Untreated symptoms caused by eye misalignment makes it difficult to keep up at work or school. Please schedule an appointment with Joy Eye Care in Haslet, TX to find out if you or your child could benefit from Neurolens.

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